Unique And Creative Ideas For Rigid Boxes Premium Look

Brands need to find the best packaging for their product. It needs to resonate with its target audience and leave a good lasting impression. Apart from this, the box should be able to protect the product from any influence. Rigid boxes are a popular option amongst some brands. They are perfect for packaging luxurious as well as delicate products. The box can give customers a fantastic unboxing experience also. The following explains unique and creative ideas for helping your packaging to have a premium look:

1: Create Solid And Rigid Boxes

It is essential that the packaging be strong and protect the luxurious product. Customers will not want to get this in low quality. Therefore select the proper packaging for the box. It must be strong. You can choose something like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. It is necessary to have the right amount of material to stop damages and breakage from occurring. This is especially true when you are packaging delicate products and electronics.

When you choose to employ luxury packaging with a different base and the lid, opt for a break-proof seal that can enclose the box and stop the products from falling out. It is possible to employ custom packaging inserts to hold the products in place and prevent them from moving around in the box. Include seals and stickers that will close the package even if you use inserts. This will help with furthering their safety.

If you design this packaging well but it breaks, it does not positively show your brand. Therefore you need to focus on choosing good packaging material for the box.

2: Sustainable Packaging

You can give your brand an excellent impression to shoppers when you choose eco-friendly packaging. You will choose something like paper material and Kraft paper boxes here. The Kraft packaging is totally biodegradable and even compostable when uncoated with finishes and lamination. You should opt for eco-friendly ink as well. This includes water-based and soy-based ink.

Custom rigid boxes like these can handle the heat, moisture, humidity, and shock. They can stand out to help a customer reduce its carbon footprint and brand.

3: Design Knowing Your Customer Base

If you want to be able to create the best packaging, make sure that it attracts your customer base. You will be attracting those customers looking for the product you are selling. This is helpful for a brand as sales can increase.

When thinking about the rigid box design, focus on the target audience for the product. You can keep in mind their age, gender, geographical location, etc., to make a box they will like. For instance, if you sell perfume to ladies, you will concentrate on an elegant design that looks chic.

4: Include The Right Details On Rigid Boxes

You will probably be including information on the packaging. It is necessary to know what to add and what not to. This is because too many details on the box can negatively impact its design. It may not look good or how you want it to look.

You may choose single-color luxury rigid boxes. Here you will probably only include your brand logo on the packaging. It can look elegant for the expensive product within the box. You can save money here that you can use for add-ons like embossing, foil stamping, etc.

But, if you want the packaging to be more fun, you can include patterns and bold colors on it. You must avoid including unnecessary information on these boxes as you can compromise on their elegant look when you do this.

5: Typography

The font that you choose to include the details on the luxury packaging is also essential. If you decide on something boring that does not connect with your brand, you can end up with a packaging design that does not look good. You must carefully select a font that will allow the packaging to look more pleasant. It must be readable. Select the correct size. Make sure that it does not blur in the background color as well.

6: Increase Brand Awareness

Use custom rigid boxes to increase brand awareness if you want to let your brand be prominent in the industry. Design a brand logo that you can include on the packaging of your products. Select a logo that is memorable and even recognizable. It should look good on the packaging, especially if this is the only thing you will include.

A brand can even add their contact details on the packaging if they want it to be easy for customers to contact them. This includes the address, phone number, website, etc.

7: Market Your Product

The rigid box design must be able to market the product. For this, it should be able to stand out so that people will recognize it in the first place. You must select the right colors, designs, etc., here. Consider color psychology if you want to understand what different colors signify. For example, if you’re going to communicate tenderness, you can choose light pink.

A brand can design rigid boxes that have a premium look. This will allow the business to get a good image in front of shoppers and can encourage people to want to try out your product. You must design the correct size box for this. The packaging should be strong and able to attract people who will buy what you are selling. This can increase sales.


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